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Alta World Enterprises, LLC (AWE) promotes businesses and individuals in print and on the web.  Its clientele reflect the marvelous diversity of the United States and its friends throughout the world. 

AWE specializes in designing and writing content for bilingual (English and Spanish) web sites.

Featured on this page are some of our current clients.  Please take a moment to follow the links to their websites.  For more information on our services write to:



Teresa  Bevin

Bilingual Writer, Educator and Translator

Read excerpts from Teresa Bevin's award-winning book, Dreams and Other Ailments / Sueños y otros achaques, a collection of short stories in English and Spanish.

Coming in March 2011:  Papaya Suite -- a story about a young woman's romp into maturity. 

Visit Teresa's Cuba-Blog

View an illustrated summary of the history of Camagüey, Cuba

Visite el sumario grafico del desarrollo urbano de la ciudad de Camagüey, Cuba

  Tinajon on patio in Camaguey, Cuba
Visite el Cuba-Blog de Teresa



Cayuga Chiropractic Health Center, Silver Spring, MD



Need Help in a Hurry? Speedy Office Services (S.O.S.) is ready to  come to your assistance!



Piña (Pineapple) Piñata

Piña Piñatas



All our desires point toward one goal, one destination: JOY

Todos nuestros deseos marchan hacia el mismo destino:  La felicidad

Happiness is within your reach - today!

Right about now, many people are wondering what to do with themselves, their lives. You may be one of those people -- asking what is life is all about?  What is my purpose in life?  The quest for answers continues and expands -- perhaps more so now in these days of world turmoil than ever before.

Our lives continue to evolve according to even our smallest desires.  And even though we cannot control another person's actions or change their energies, we can fill our own lives with happiness no matter who we interact with or what surrounds us. This physical experience is our soup and we select the ingredients!

Happiness is within your reach -- today!     La felicidad está dentro de su alcance -- hoy!



Cuban singer Anais Abreu brings the captivating melodies of her country's popular bolero to life. Her style briefly suggests to the listener two other famous interpreters of the Cuban filin song -- Elena Burque and Moraima Sacada --  but her delivery is unique without possible comparison. 

Visit her web site to hear an mp3 clip:

Anais Abreu - Español

Anais Abreu - English


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Alta World Enterprises, LLC (AWE) es una compañía dedicada a la promoción de individuos y sus negocios tanto en forma impresa como en la red.  Su clientela refleja la amplia diversidad de los Estados Unidos y sus amigos en todo el mundo. 
AWE se especializa en el diseño y contenido escrito de sitios web bilingües (inglés y español.).

Esta página muestra algunos de nuestros clientes.  Tome un momento para seguir estos enlaces hasta sus sitios web.  Para más información escriba a:


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